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          ABOUT US

          Guangzhou Wei Yi Plastic Co., Ltd.  founded in 2007, is one of the pioneer manufacturers of flexitanks, and we have been producing and supplying safe and reliable flexitanks in the market for 16 years. 

          We insist the managing philosophy that "quality is the life of the enterprise". With independent intellectual property and techniques, we have established a complete product ......


          Wei Yi Flexitank is made with ultra tensile, multi-ply, co-polymer material. It's used in packing, storage and transportation of non-hazardous bulk liquid. Every single flexitank can be placed inside a 20ft container and it can be filled with 24,000L liquid maximally. It means that a Flexitank can transfer a 20ft standard container into a liquid container. Compared with drum or IBC, each 20ft container can carry more liquid cargo with flexitank. Unlike ISO Tank, there is no cost of empty returning or cleaning with flexitank, thus saving logistics cost remarkably. Wei Yi Flexitank brings an innovative solution for bulk liquid transportation.

          We can offer Flexitank with various capacities from 16KL to 24KL for various liquid cargo transportation. 


          We offer the following services to clients globally:

          1. Coverage of product liability insurance for each Flexitank

          2. 24h emergency response from Wei Yi team

          3. Product compatibility analysis

          4. Technical support or training

          Reach us via Service Line: 

          +86-13119553691 for technical support or contingency rescue. 

          Our overseas service is available in Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, India, UAE, Japan, Canada, USA, Jamaica etc.

          PRODUCT Q&A
          CONTACT US
          Guangzhou Wei Yi Plastic Co., Ltd.
          Tel:+ 86 17512811383
          Fax:+ 86 17512811383
          Add:No.1, Logisitcs Industrial Estates, Chigang Hill Haizhong Village Fangcun, Liwan District, Guangzhou, China
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